Transformed through expressions offering fresh hope 

Fresh Hope believes culture and society is best transformed through expressions of the church (faith communities) that offers fresh hope.

Shifting from internal to external focus

Our desire and heart is for the Fresh Hope movement of churches to shift dramatically from an internal to an external focus, capable of being present and engaging in context.

Aligning ethos, values & vision with context

Transformation requires clarity on core vision and values in order to focus mission strategy. The M&M Transformation team facilitates cohorts of churches to process their ethos, values and vision, resulting in a mission strategy that aligns with their context. 



Transformational Church Cohort

Every now and then, something of God’s grace, which is overwhelming and compelling, emerges in the life and destiny of a local church that has the potential to shift the entire church community permanently into a new season of adventure, maturity and spirituality. We are seeking out churches across the nation that are willing to fully engage in a transformational journey of prayer, teaching, discipleship, spiritual mentoring and learning for the cause of Christ and His Kingdom. This is a journey of adventure, risk and challenge!


Church Support Team

Occasionally leadership teams can get stuck in the midst of transformation and need a helping hand to guide them through uncharted waters. Fresh Hope has a team of ministering people experienced in navigating complexity in ministry available to assist churches in short term placements.


A Spiritual Leadership Skills video series is available to leadership teams. Please contact the Mission & Ministry team if you would like to access this material. 

We were pushed deeper

We were pushed deeper into exploring ourselves as leaders, our church culture, our understanding of church and mission, and our grasp of the underlying principles that build health and Kingdom life.

Transformation Church participant


Upcoming Events

View the events run by Fresh Hope throughout the year and please get in touch if you have any questions.