Navigate Discover

Discover is designed for anyone who is longing to re-orientate their life around their Kingdom calling.

Deep community and transformation

Discover is an invitation into a transformational community where you can explore your God-given identity, passions and purpose. It is an opportunity to be refreshed in your faith and invest in yourself for whole-of-life transformation and integration. Discover is a part-time course, suitable for those who work, study or have family commitments. 

What You Need To Know


Gather 4 times during the year with your Discover community. Join the wider Navigate community at Summer & Winter Schools, as well as two other weekend retreats just with your Discover cohort. Specific retreat dates will be confirmed once you are accepted into the course, however these are the suggested time commitments:

January – 6 days
March – 3 days
July – 6 days
October – 3 days

Included in these retreats is participation at Summer and Winter School (with the wider Navigate community). As for the locations and activities involved for each retreat, you will find out closer to the date – just to keep it interesting for you.

Accreditation Pathway

Navigate partners with the Australian College of Ministries (ACOM)* to offer accredited pathways in theological education. You can choose to enjoy the Navigate Discover experience while also earning credit towards a Diploma, Bachelor or Master’s Degree. This option integrates the practical, theoretical and formational learning. Discover students can choose to study up to four subjects. Get in touch to find out more about subjects on offer!

*ACOM is a Member Institute of the Sydney College of Divinity who offer internationally recognised higher education awards.

Entry requirements

Discover is designed as an intergenerational cohort, meaning anyone over 18 can be involved. While there are no specific entry requirements into Navigate Discover, if you choose to study with ACOM alongside Adventure, you will need to meet their admission requirements. See for more details. 

Application process

Applications for 2020 are now closed. We will reopen applications for 2021 in September 2020.

Please give us a call on (02) 8573 6000 or email [email protected] to register your interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work and participate in DISCOVER?

Yes! Discover is designed as a part-time experience so that those with full-time work, family commitments or other study can still participate. If you choose to complete Discover as an accredited student, you will need to allocate appropriate study time each week (as indicated by ACOM’s study guidelines).

How much time off work will I need?

There will be 4 retreats throughout the year. They are an important part of the program so you will need to attend all of them. We expect your retreat days to be about 18 across the year (12 of which are weekdays so you may require annual leave from work).

Am I required to book accommodation or relocate for DISCOVER?

No, once you arrive at each retreat (Sydney based), all accommodation, food and transport is arranged for you. Discover is designed so that you can stay planted where you are, there is no need to relocate.

What does it cost to complete Discover?

Discover costs $3000 per student for the year. A $700 deposit is due by 15 January to secure your place in the course. The remaining $2300 can be paid in 3 instalments across the year. If a student is able to pay the whole year fees upfront, they will receive a 20% discount (pay by 15 January). 

Please note: additional fees will apply for students who wish to participate as an accredited ACOM student. Please enquire for a complete fee structure for your chosen study pathway.

Can I receive HECS or FEE HELP?

Students who choose to study for credit will pay a portion of their fees directly to ACOM. Study with ACOM is Austudy and Fee-Help approved through the Sydney College of Divinity for students who meet the Australian Government criteria. (Visit for details). 

Please note: Even if you choose to study for credit, there will still be fees payable directly to Fresh Hope, including a $700 deposit to secure your place in the course. Please enquire for a full fee breakdown. 

Do I need to be physically fit to participate in Discover?

From time to time, there will be physical activities involved. However, they are not the primary focus of the retreats. Please ensure you make us aware of any existing injuries or physical limitations that may impede your participation and we will do our best to accommodate the ability of the whole group.  

Gaining confidence in living out my true identity

Something as simple as sharing and listening to our own life stories has such significance to my journey of healing and transformation in God. I realise I was closer to my true self when I was young and had wandered off into the world trying to search for meaning and who I am, but I find all that through Jesus within and the Holy Spirit guides me. Now I’m gaining confidence in being and living out my true identity.


Experiencing more freedom in my walk with God

When I began this journey at the beginning of the year I just wanted to make my relationship with God a priority in my life, but what I have experienced has been so much more. I have learnt the limitations I have put on myself that God wanted to release me from. Now I am experiencing more freedom in my walk with God and how I am to love others as Jesus did so the Glory of God will shine through.



Upcoming Events

View the events run by Fresh Hope throughout the year and please get in touch if you have any questions.