Navigate Leadership

For a deeper Kingdom life

Fresh Hope provides spiritual leadership pathways to suit all ages and life paces, designed for those who desire a deeper Kingdom life.

Live courageously

Our movement is passionate about seeking men and women who sense they are called by God to live courageously for Him and His Kingdom. Navigate programs are a vital step in providing spiritual leadership and training experiences to equip you to be a transformational person, wherever God leads you in life.

Shape a life of spiritual influence

We believe that leadership is caught and taught, and that’s why we have combined real life experiences, personal formation and formal tertiary studies (optional) to enable you to be in the best position to shape a life of spiritual influence. If you have an open heart and hands and a desire to serve, then this experience is for you.



For 18 – 24 year olds who want to go on an adventure to deepen their faith and form their identity in the Kingdom of God.



Navigate is adapting to a regional format for 2021. Navigate is designed for anyone who is longing to re-orientate their life around their Kingdom identity and calling. 

So much life and freedom

This year is my second year (last year I did IMPART) and I didn’t realise how much more God had in store for me. I have reflected on some much deeper parts of my story, and not been as terrified of the vulnerability, and I feel that my words and actions are really aligning now. The biggest change is the freedom in being real before God. I feel able to come to him no matter what and from that so much life and freedom has come out of it.

Discover Student

Remarkable growth to last a lifetime

Navigate ADVENTURE has been the most transformational experience of my life so far. I have become a more deeply formed and spiritually mature person and have gained a greater understanding and awareness of who I am. It has been a year of challenging and confronting experiences, but from that has come remarkable growth that I believe will last a lifetime.

Adventure Student

Gaining confidence in living out my true identity

Something as simple as sharing and listening to our own life stories has such significance to my journey of healing and transformation in God. I realise I was closer to my true self when I was young and had wandered off into the world trying to search for meaning and who I am, but I find all that through Jesus within and the Holy Spirit guides me. Now I’m gaining confidence in being and living out my true identity.

Discover Student

The beautiful journey continues

When I started RECHARGE I thought all my problems with myself would be fixed. God had other plans. Over the year He has grown me in his infinite wisdom, slowly and gently. I am now a more loving, cherished daughter of God. The beautiful journey continues.

Recharge Student

Life changing

This is a great opportunity to understand your true self, to develop a close relationship with God and discover your purpose. Sharing to God and others, studying and working with a mentor have enabled a sometimes difficult journey of transformation in my mind, heart and soul, and because I know I am loved unconditionally, I now have inner peace and contentment. This course has been life changing for me.

Recharge Student

I’m seeing my future beyond my own vision

Looking back, stepping into IMPACT was my response to God’s beckoning to draw in closer. Stepping away from a known context and being placed somewhere new has been a challenge but also a joy. In this space, I feel like I have had no choice but to trust Him in knowing that He is in control, so I don’t have to be. I’m beginning to see my future beyond my own vision, into one where I have no clue where God will take me.

Impact Student

I know I have been transformed

I feel I am closer to God. The way I think about myself and others has changed for the better. I talk to God more and trying to read the bible daily. I know I have been transformed and I know there is still a lot more to do. God is with me.

Recharge Student

God will continue to carry me for the rest of my days

There has been freedom in the letting go of the belief that my life is up to me! He wants in, and He wants to be in ALL of it. Through opportunities to take steps of courage, I know I will look back on this year as one where God was incredibly faithful. He has brought me thus far and will continue to carry me for the rest of my days!

Impact Student


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