Spiritual Leadership

Creating spiritual pathways

We believe that leadership in the Kingdom of God is essentially spiritual. Consequently, we seek to create spiritual leadership pathways or pipelines to equip and train leaders across the generations in the practice and art of spiritual leadership.

Building leaders

We intend to identify, raise and release mature spiritual leaders across the generations towards their Kingdom destiny to continue the spiritual battle for the restoration of all humanity and creation.

We intend to catalyse flexible environments that engage cohorts of leaders to sharpen their skills, deepen their theology, engage their relationships, and build their spiritual leadership capacity.

For every stage of life

We do this through Navigate and Spiritual Mentoring cohorts plus Youth and Young Adult training and events. There really is something for everyone, at every stage of life!



A Pilgrims Way

A Pilgrim’s Way is a retreat program for men and women in leadership who long to explore deeper places in their personal and ministry life. Its goal is to deepen our capacity to lead our communities with increased wisdom, capacity and innovation.


Navigate Leadership

Navigate programs are a vital step in providing spiritual leadership and training experiences to equip you to be a transformational person, wherever God leads you in life. Programs available for 18-50+ and differing levels of time commitment.


Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring equips and develops your ability to walk alongside others in their deeper faith development. This course is dedicated to creating moments where spiritual transformation can take place.

Youth & Young Adults

Fresh Hope seeks to raise and release youth and young adults to discover their Kingdom purpose.  We do this through events, training and resources. 

Remarkable growth to last a lifetime

Navigate Adventure has been the most transformational experience of my life so far. I have become a more deeply formed and spiritually mature person and have gained a greater understanding and awareness of who I am. It has been a year of challenging and confronting experiences, but from that has come remarkable growth that I believe will last a lifetime.

Adventure Student

Gaining confidence in living out my true identity

Something as simple as sharing and listening to our own life stories has such significance to my journey of healing and transformation in God. I realise I was closer to my true self when I was young and had wandered off into the world trying to search for meaning and who I am, but I find all that through Jesus within and the Holy Spirit guides me. Now I’m gaining confidence in being and living out my true identity.

Discover Student

Reignited my relationship with God

Amazing journey in so many ways. It has provided the knowledge, resources, tools and support I have needed to help deal with the things holding me back in life and reignite my relationship with God.

Recharge Student

I’m seeing my future beyond my own vision

Looking back, stepping into IMPACT was my response to God’s beckoning to draw in closer. Stepping away from a known context and being placed somewhere new has been a challenge but also a joy. In this space, I feel like I have had no choice but to trust Him in knowing that He is in control, so I don’t have to be. I’m beginning to see my future beyond my own vision, into one where I have no clue where God will take me.

Impact Student

A blossoming of fresh new invigorating life

Spiritual Mentoring has been an experience that has challenged my internal world and produces a blossoming of fresh new invigorating life to my external world. This course has opened up a whole new journey of intimacy with God and in turn influences the way I relate with those around me and to those He leads me to mentor.

Spiritual Mentoring Student

God will continue to carry me for the rest of my days

There has been freedom in the letting go of the belief that my life is up to me! He wants in, and He wants to be in ALL of it. Through opportunities to take steps of courage, I know I will look back on this year as one where God was incredibly faithful. He has brought me thus far and will continue to carry me for the rest of my days!

Impact Student

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Spiritual Leadership

Fresh Hope Mission & Ministry seeks to create spiritual leadership pathways to equip and train leaders across the generations. To support this ministry you can make a donation via Fresh Hope Engage.


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