Platform Nine — So much more than a bed. A Home away from HOME.

Platform Nine is a housing project of Kingsway Community Care. The name Platform Nine comes from a reading in the bible from Matthew 9:36: “When Jesus saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.”

Platform Nine is a community of compassion which exists to provide transitional housing for women and families who have no place to go, often because of family violence. They further support guests with intensive case management, lifestyle plans, strategies to find long term housing, food, bedding, and toys for the children.

Platform Supports many woman and children who are escaping domestic and family violence. In the past year we have provided emergency response accommodation and intensive case-management support for over 50 woman and children. These woman access our services through the DV line Link2home, FACS housing or emergency services and arrive with next to nothing – no finances, no clothes, nothing that they are familiar with.

On arrival our official partners along with our staff provide these woman and children with welcome packs of food hygiene items, food vouchers, toys for the kids, a safe secure environment where they can rest and get the support they require to move on to a life of independence. Our goal for all these woman is to provide them with the care, comfort, support, housing solutions and meet their emotional and spiritual needs. Our program has been a great success with 96% of our woman and children successfully finding longer term housing options and living a life of independence.

One story that come to mind is a single mum and her daughter. The perpetrator was jailed for 5 years and the daughter had been dramatically impacted by the trauma She developed co-dependency behavioural issues and was unable to spend any time apart from her mother in fear that her mother might not be there when she got back. She would not attend school and she was so scared of what might happen to her mum. She had become the protector. As time went on our team worked intensively with this family and provided wrap around services to meet both the mother and the daughters needs. The family spent 8 months with us as we worked on supporting them to build a solid foundation for when they moved on. In that time we saw a lot of growth in them both. The daughter began to spend time away from mum and she started to have sleep overs at peoples places as she was more comfortable with mum going out with out her and began to live more independently. By the time the family moved into their forever home they were both attending church regularly and brought the grandmother along as well. The daughter attends youth group weekly with out mum and is back at school with a high attendance rate.

Platform Nine  is incredibly necessary with a growing need in our community, we rely on the generosity of our partners and the local community to fund our programs, our sincere thanks goes to fresh hope and their donors for supporting our project.  

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