Missionheart Drop in Centre, Canberra

Missionworx (our tax deductible charity http://www.missionworx.org.au) provides approximately 100 meals a week as we open our office/drop-in doors in the city for any visitors where they are able to access a shower to wash, coffee/tea, food, clean clothes, blankets, winter gear and swags.

Most importantly we offer a safe place to relax, enjoy a simple meal, chat, receive prayer, practical items and personal support. Our drop-in centre is staffed mostly by volunteers who also spend extra time visiting our friends out in the community, on the street, in homes, hospital, court and prison. While we are committed to being Jesus’s hands and feet in our community we are also prepared to make the most of every opportunity to share the good news of Jesus.

We don’t keep statistics but each week we serve approximately:

  • 80 people with meals at the Gathering Community Lunch (Sundays)
  • 100 drop-in lunches (Tuesday and Thursdays)
  • 200 coffees/teas (general and coffee morning Wednesday)


A new initiative will address the needs of vulnerable people in our community through creating an intentional Christian community that lives together. This initiative is called Missionhouse. Providing more holistically for the needs of Missionheart’s most vulnerable friends has been a dream of the community for many years. This team has been meeting regularly to pray and seek financial provision for the initiative, gather interested team members, raise awareness in the wider community and to document the intended mission and culture of Missionhouse.

Our aim is to help those who are broken and lost to find freedom and wholeness through being part of a Christian community. Part of this vision has already started as we manage a granny flat which can fit two people who need extra support to maintain their housing (we call this Connect House).

Longer term we hope to establish a Missionhouse property and a range of smaller size houses set up as a link from Missionhouse to the wider community.

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