Kanahooka Mens Shed

Add life’s challenges to a culture that doesn’t encourage men to talk about feelings or ask for help. What do you get? Inevitably, low levels of men’s wellbeing, and loneliness.

The Men’s Shed movement has emerged in response to this national issue as a one of the most powerful tools for advancing men’s health across the country. It provides safe, friendly and healing environments that help men feel good about themselves, be productive, contribute to their community, connect with friends and maintain an active body and mind.

One of these is the Kanahooka Men’s Shed, part of the iCentral 316 faith community in Dapto, south of Wollongong.

A powerful means for this church to stand alongside members of their community while restoring health and wellbeing in their community, the Kanahooka Men’s Shed provides a safe and busy environment where retired men can experience what they need for their wellbeing.

Members put their hands to woodwork and gardening projects, as well as some metalwork projects, within an environment of no-pressure mateship. Shed facilities were all built by its members – and they keep expanding it to make room for more members from the community.

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