Pendle Hill Crisis centre

Pendle Hill Crisis Centre offers compassion, comfort and support to women and children who are at risk of homelessness due to domestic violence. The Crisis Centre provides accommodation for women needing a safe place to stay, and offers them intensive support to set up a new life away from a violent relationship. Support ranges from temporary accommodation, material items and assistance with Centrelink, FACS and family court, to counselling, family and parenting support, financial planning and many more.

In the last 12 months the Centre has intensively assisted 17 families. The effects of trauma and domestic violence do not disappear overnight however there is hope through having the safety and support of people with compassion.

A story of Fresh Hope from the Crisis Centre

One of the families helped by the Crisis Centre in the last 12 months, was a mother who came with a set of 3 year old twins. While she was with us she had to endure many obstacles before she was safe enough to find private rental. She had to be established on Centrelink to financially provide for her family. This is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Following this Housing NSW forms needed to be completed so she could be assessed for Start Safely, a program for victims of domestic violence. Finding a Pre-school, Doctors, Speech Pathologist and attending 2 court days, were a few needs that also had to be met. Once Housing NSW was approved, this mother needed to look for a suitable home for herself and her twins. Furniture was then searched for to make the house a home with the support of the case worker. This was also a lengthy, time-consuming process. While working with this family the caseworker noted that in the beginning the mother was quite reticent, had low self-esteem and was suffering the effects of the trauma due to the violence she had experienced at the hand of her husband. Towards the end of the time when this family was ready to move there was a definite change in the mother’s demeanour and the caseworker could see her confidence improving as she was preparing to start a new life with her twins.

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