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Creative Groundz Studio was opened in March 2015 as a creative community space designed to drive community engagement and social inclusion for our most vulnerable members of the community. Since 2008 both DanielleRG (Western Sydney Community Artist) and Common Groundz Community Cafe have operated under a shared mission: commitment to projects and partnership that serve the Lalor Park community. In this time, we have seeded a community garden space and training space, developed a multi-stakeholder community forum, beautified the community through mural engagements and delivered over 50 events at the community level.

We have been the leaders of change since our inception in 2008, working in partnership with government and non government organisations relating to Mental Health, Western Area Health, Aboriginal, Disability, Housing NSW, Department of Education and Community Arts as key examples.

Community Arts Program:

Monday to Wednesdays 9am -2pm supports those with Mental Health, often referred, to provide a safe open friendly environment where people can experience art forms through guided means. Participants also become a part of a unit of support to build their confidence, self esteem, meeting and building a relationship with others in similar circumstances and receive assistance in dealing with daily life tasks. We also provide ongoing community level beautification projects including maintenance, graffiti removal and community mural projects and engagements.

Stitches Project:

Through the last 4 years working directly with community and mental health through community Arts program, DanielleRG has created a set of Therapy Dolls called Stitches Collection™

These original dolls are designed to create awareness of mental health, health and social issues and encourage dialogue over issues that affect our community, including our youth. Stitches are designed primarily, though not exclusive, to open up dialogue with clinician’s and their young clients. The dolls have a story relating to a mental health, health or social issue and are eagerly awaited by psychologists. The idea is to develop these dolls under a social enterprise model to support those with mental health, through current Community Arts program. We aim to generate stock with those involved in Arts program and proceeds are to be reinvested back into Lalor Park programs and activities in an attempt to be self sufficient and reduce the dependency on grants.

With the intention to produce these dolls under Studio programming, we foresee a key opportunity to develop a work-for-a-fee program that will assist those with chronic mental health and health illnesses that have lead to long term unemployment in their recovery through meaningful activity.

Through this Stitches project participants would be trained in a section of manufacturing or packing. In a safe environment they would achieve accountability, responsibility, work ethics, improve self esteem and confidence at a job that caters to their individual needs. Most importantly they will be engaged in meaningful activity that is motivated for them to achieve.


Danielle Rawnsley-Galistan                                            

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