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Love offering for support work with Ukrainian refugees


Marek Charis ministers along with his wife, Zofia, and their family at Centrum Christian Community, a Church of Christ in Lublin, which is very close to the border with Ukraine.

For the past few months Marek, along with other local churches have been supporting those fleeing the war in Ukraine.

He reports: “We run several refugee shelters in Lublin for over 200 people, many families also have mothers with children from Ukraine in their homes, we organise transport for refugees to places of permanent residence in other European countries.  We also organised a warehouse and trans-shipment base from where we send huge trucks for help to Ukraine.  As of February 24, 2 million refugees from Ukraine have already entered Poland and most of them are still with us.  It is a huge logistic undertaking, but also the fruit of the open hearts and homes of all Poles, regardless of their world views.  In Lublin, we operate together with three other churches, creating the Christians for Ukraine coalition, which gives us an additional opportunity to build the unity of the church in the city.”

Rick Lewis will present a love offering from the NSW Churches of Christ to Centrum Christian Community when he preaches there on Sunday 12 June.

“My trip to Poland was planned partly to go to World Convention and partly to visit Marek Charis, pastor of the Church of Christ in Lublin (Centrum Christian Community), who I’ve been serving as a mentor for the past five years,” Rick said.

Please support this offering and contribute to the vital work of Centrum Christian Community in this season.


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