Help us to help others

Fresh Hope Engage helps initiatives that provide care across NSW and the ACT and raises funds for the direct relief of poverty, suffering, distress, misfortune, disability or helplessness in the community. We invite you to participate and engage in project and church-based initiatives that seek to bring transformation and fresh hope to the lives of vulnerable people, and at-risk communities.

  • 2020 Winter Appeal

    Isolation is a major problem in many communities and the coronavirus crisis has only heightened its impact. Your donation will help bring reconnection and support to those suffering from isolation.

  • Southern Cross Kids Club (iCentral)

    Southern Cross Kids Club is a monthly children’s club run by ICentral3:16 for past campers of Southern Cross Kids Camps. Once a month, 20 plus underprivileged kids of primary school age come together for a great time!


Pioneering Gospel Communities

Fresh Hope Pioneering exists to champion new, adventurous and transformative expressions of gospel communities. You can learn more about our current pioneering communities who are living out this mission below. Each one is “having a go” at doing so in different ways. We encourage you to join the mission by getting to know and supporting one of these pioneering communities.

  • Pioneering General

    Support the work of Fresh Hope Pioneering – championing new, adventurous and transformative expressions of Gospel communities.

  • Oak City Church, Blacktown

    “God has brought together a team who are seeking God’s plan, heart and purpose to reach his beloved children in Blacktown…”


Building leaders for every stage of life

We believe that leadership in the Kingdom of God is essentially spiritual. Consequently, we seek to create spiritual leadership pathways or pipelines to equip and train leaders across the generations in the practice and art of spiritual leadership. If you would like to support a specific student or one of our Spiritual Leadership pathways we would greatly appreciate your help. 

  • Navigate

    Please support a Navigate Program


Upcoming Events

View the events run by Fresh Hope throughout the year and please get in touch if you have any questions.