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  • Book Review: Being The Bad Guys: How to Live for Jesus in a World That Says You Shouldn’t By Stephen McAlipine

    Oct 26,2021

    "This book is a wake-up call for Christians in Australia." Read Tanwin Tanoto's latest review on Stephen McAlpine's book.

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  • Frontline Workers

    Oct 26,2021

    We asked some of the frontline workers from across our movement to reflect on the impact of this season on their work. We are so grateful to the paramedics, nurses, doctors, and chaplains who offer their service in this challenging season and in particular those who offer it as a response to Jesus’ love in their own lives.

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  • 3 Tools for The Dad life

    Oct 19,2021

    What do we do as men, partners, husbands, fathers do when our heads get out of sorts? Escape it? Numb it? Ignore it? Easy to do, ey!? Or is there a more resourceful way forward? I’d like to think so, even though I often get it wrong.

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About Fresh Hope Mission & Ministry

The Fresh Hope Mission & Ministry (M&M) team exists to engage in relational environments where ministry and mission leaders, systems and strategies can be courageously aligned contextually with the redemptive purpose of Christ and his Kingdom so that future generations pursue life with God.

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Fresh Hope Transformation has a heart and desire to assist churches in moving from an internal to external focus, capable of being present and engaging in their local context.

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Fresh Hope Spiritual Leadership seeks to create spiritual leadership pathways to equip and train leaders across the generations in the practice and art of spiritual leadership.

Pioneering & Mission

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Fresh Hope Pioneering exists to champion new, adventurous and transformative expressions of Gospel communities.

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Fresh Hope Engage helps gospel-centred community connections by:

  • Engaging in communication & fellowship
  • Expressing compassion and freedom
  • Enhancing community and formation

We promote local mission opportunities for churches and pioneering initiatives. We help churches to engage with their local communities, particularly the vulnerable and needy.

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GMP is the overseas mission arm of Fresh Hope and Churches of Christ in Australia.


Fresh Hope Resourcing supports the connections, communications, administration and operational components of churches in the Fresh Hope family. 


Fresh Hope

Fresh Hope Engage provides opportunity for individuals to donate and financially support the following opportunities. Can you help to bring fresh hope to lives and communities?


Upcoming Events

View the events run by Fresh Hope throughout the year and please get in touch if you have any questions.